KJ Sawka Siren Poster.jpg

KJ SAWKA and TROPO will be bringing their world-class music to Morro Bay on May 12! 

About KJ SAWKA: "Widely recognized for his work as a member of renowned electronic music super-groups, Pendulum, and Destroid, KJ Sawka is undoubtedly one of the most illustrious, and respected figures in the industry today, with a unique ability to push the boundaries of dance music and foster innovation in the scene. To supplement his remarkable career, KJ has just made another noteworthy move with the launch of his very own label, Impossible Records. With a focus on Bass music, Impossible Records will be working to promote and showcase some outstanding tunes from burgeoning producers, as well as enable them to grow, and develop artistically." - Zakiya Abdullah (Soundcloud link)

About TROPO: With layers of beats, soaring violin and vocal melodies, spectral pads, and crunchy bass oscillations, TROPO compels their audience to dig deep within themselves for a reciprocal and energetic dance set. TROPO infuses the human element in their all original, uplifting, and completely live performance. (Soundcloud link)